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Cold Cut Meats with delivery in Azerbaijan

Goose liver paste Goose liver paste 200 g Add to Cart $4.99 US
Pork paste Pork paste 200 g Add to Cart $5.99 US
Liver paste Liver paste 250 g Add to Cart $7.99 US
Bavarskiye sausages Bavarskiye sausages 400 g Add to Cart $10.00 US
Dry-cured basturma Dry-cured basturma 100 g Add to Cart $11.99 US
Salami classic Salami classic 350 g Add to Cart $11.99 US
Blutwurst sausage Blutwurst sausage 1 kg Add to Cart $12.99 US
Half chicken Half chicken 1 kg Add to Cart $13.99 US
Thick and short spiced frankfurters Thick and short spiced frankfurters 1 kg Add to Cart $13.99 US
Lyubitelskaya sausage Lyubitelskaya sausage 1 kg Add to Cart $15.99 US

Sausages and smoked meats foodstore sets with delivery in Azerbaijan and to any city in the world.

Do you want to please your friends and loved ones, make a surprise for a holiday or for another reason? You can buy sausage and smoked meats, as well as other products, and we will beautifully pack and deliver it all right to their home.

Cyber ​​Florist has been delivering flowers and gifts in Azerbaijan and around the world for over twenty years. We have vast experience and a large number of positive reviews from our clients.

Sending grocery baskets and sets are a delicious and useful gift that will be appropriate for a family celebration or a friendly party. But we do not limit our clients to ready-made options only.

We give you the opportunity to create your own grocery set. In our catalog you can order sausages, sausages or pâté, buy ham or ribs, buy bacon with delivery in Azerbaijan.

If you need delivery of meat delicacies in Azerbaijan please keep in mind that Cyber ​​Florist can deliver your order not only to your home, but also to your office and other workplace. We can even carry out the delivery of products to the hospital, if this does not contradict the rules of a particular medical institution.

With Cyber-florist, it has become easier to take care of family and friends - you just need to select products, place an order and pay online in the most convenient way for you.

Don't know Where to buy sausage in Azerbaijan? - we will do it for you. We will deliver and make a free delivery photo.

If you have any suggestions for a specific variety of meat delicacies - leave them in the comments to the order. Or fill out Custom order and list in detail what sausages and smoked meats you would like to buy for your loved ones with home delivery.

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